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Q. 1. How can I get a license key to run regular full version of atssim?

To get a license, follow below procedure:

  • Purchase a license key from purchase menu.
  • You will receive a license key in your registered e-mail ID.


User must expect some delay in generation of license key (Up to 24 hrs max.), since we have to verify the payments in our accounts before generation of a license key. Currently, this process is manual, but we hope this will soon be automated.

Q. 2. How can I create a license (license.dat file) to run atssim?

To create a license for your atssim follow below procedure:

  • Ensure that your machine is connected to internet.
  • Download atssiminstaller from download menu and change it’s permissions to executable file using ‘chmod u+x atssiminstaller’ command.
  • Give command as under to receive license.dat file in current directory.

cmd_prompt>sudo ./atssiminstaller -createlic

  • You will be prompted to enter your registered e-mail ID and license key one by one. Please enter correct values.
  • Once values are verified  at our server, a license file named (license.dat) will be downloaded on your system in same directory.
  • One more file named hdddata.dat will be created, when you run atssim 1st time with sudo rights, these 2 files are important to run atssim. Preserve them at a safe location (read guidelines in support main menu for how to save these files).

Q. 3. How should I setup my license?

Follow below procedure to setup an atssim license.

  • Create a new folder to safely store licence.dat (for trial version it is triallicense.dat) and hdddata.dat files (say named my_lic_folder).
  • copy both license.dat and hdddata.dat file in my_lic_folder.
  • Create another folder to safely store all atssim package files (say named my_pkg_folder).
  • Copy all atssim package files to my_pkg_folder, which you have recently downloaded using installer program.
  • create a script file named atssim.sh (you can select any other name of your choice instead of atssim.sh) in /etc/profile.d folder of your machine.
  • Set following environment variable in /etc/profile.d/atssim.sh file for bash/sh shell login users.

export ATSSIM_LICENSE_PATH=my_lic_folder
export ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH=my_pkg_folder

  • set following environment variables in /etc/csh.cshrc file for csh/tcsh shell login users.

setenv ATSSIM_LICENSE_PATH my_lic_folder
setenv ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH my_pkg_folder
set path = ($path $ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH)


  1. The above 2 points are indicative to set 2 environment vars ATSSIM_LICENSE_PATH and ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH in your environment for locatioon of licence files and atssim package files respectively. Please, refer your linux user guide if you fail to set these environment variables.
  2. Though it is not necessary to create environment variables ATSSIM_LICENSE_PATH and ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH, we recommend it for safer and cleaner use of simulator. It is necessary to add path of atssim (it is simulator’s eecutable file) to your search path for executable files. If environment variables ATSSIM_LICENSE_PATH and ATSSIM_PACKAGE_PATH are not created then license.dat and hdddata.dat files must be available in current work directory along with atssim package files.

Q. 4. How will I know that my environment vars are set properly?

Give following command on your command prompt.




If you are able to see output as under then your environment vars are set correctly:




Q. 5. How can I check validity of my license?

Run following command at command prompt of your terminal with sudo rights. It will show you the validity of your license in days.

cmd_prompt>sudo atssim -checklic

Q. 6. How can I upgrade to latest release of atssim?

Atssim is automatically upgradable for latest available release of atssim. Use following command with sudo rights at your terminal in interactive mode:

atssim>sudo atssim -update

Please, ensure that you are connected to internet before you give upgrade command.

Q. 7. I have deleted or corrupt license.dat / triallicense.dat file, can I regenerate it?

Yes, as long as your license validity has not expired. Give either of following command at command prompt and a new license.dat or triallicense.dat file will be downloaded on your machine.

cmd_prompt> sudo atssim -createlic


cmd_prompt>sudo ./atssiminstaller  -createlic

Q. 8. How can I get a free trial license of atssim trial package?

  1. Download trial package installer program atssimtrialinstaller from download menu.
  2. Change file permissions of atssimtrialinstaller to make it executable using ‘chmod u+x atssimtrialinstaller’ or ‘chmod 755 atssimtrialinstaller’.
  3. Give command ‘atssimtrialinstaller -generatekey’ to generate a license key. This command will ask for your e-mail ID. License key will be sent to the email ID given by you.
  4. Give command ‘atssimtrialinstaller -createlic’. This will ask your email ID and license key, enter correct value and a license file named triallicense.dat will be received from license server in current directory.
  5. Give command ‘atssimtrialinstaller -download’. Latest trial version of atssim package will be downloaded in current directory.
  6. See how to setup license to setup trial license (this procedure is same for regular and trial license).
  7. Use command ‘atssimtrialinstaller -h’ for help. Look in support menu for more details and FAQs on installation.

Q. 9. I am getting 'license authentication faiure' error, when simulating a design?

License connects to license server once in 24 hours to receive current date, so you need to enable internet access atleast once in every 24 hours for successful authentication of your license.

Q 10. How to create a user who can use atssim whithout having sudo/ administrator rights?

Creation of license file and downloading of atssim package must be done with sudo rights. License setup must also be done with sudo rights. Once atssim is ready to run then any user can run atssim in a folder where he/ she has read/ write rights. User is also supposed to add required environment changes in their login script to setup license if license files are stored in a different folder.

Important Note:

Please , write to support@avinyatechnology.com immediately with full description of your issue related to installation of atssim trial or regular version along with any supporting snapshots (If possible).