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Create New Support Ticket

    User must read following guidelines for faster resolution of their issue:

  • Users can check if their issue is listed in technical FAQs or license FAQs list for quick resolution of their problem.
  • Please click following button to register an issue ticket.
  • Please, fill all fields in ticket form and provide a detailed description of your problem (if required).
  • We suggest to copy and paste exact WARNING/ ERROR messages (if displayed).
  • We also suggest to copy and paste exact source code snippet, which ever may be causing problem in your view.
  • For every valid support ticket, user will receive a ticket number on his/ her registered email ID. Users can track the resolution status of their ticket on ticket number.
  • In cases, when we fail to figure out or recreate your issue at our end, we shall provide you to upload part of your source codes on an ftp site for further investigation.
  • We are committed to resolve every raised issue asap and expecting cooperation from our customers.

Check Status of your support Ticket

    Please read following points to track resolution of your problem.

  • To track status of your support ticket please click following button.
  • User can track his/ her issue on ticket number.
  • Tickets have 3 status as under:

  • Open: Issue is under investigation/ fixing process.
    On Hold: When some additional information is awaited from user.
    Closed: Issue is resolved.

  • Our technical support team closes a ticket when we receive satisfactory reply from user. Please note that if we do not hear from client for 48 hours after resolution of any issue from our side, we presume that issue is resolved at user’s end too and we go ahead to close the ticket.
  • Please check resolution column of the ticket for proposed resolution.
  • Usually any missing feature or functionality will be updated in next release and user must update his/ her simulator version to check closure of his/ her problem. User can find the new version of simulator in resolution column, which is expected to fix his/ her problem.
  • We shall follow versioning system X.Y.Z, with meaning of X, Y and Z numbers as under:

  • X: Major release : When a new language or simulator feature is added to software this number will increment by 1 and users will find details in release document or on website.
    Y: Minor release : When a minor feature is added or a major fix is implemented in current release then Y will be incremented by 1. Details of such upgrade of fix may be available in release document, but surely available in support ticket status.
    Z: Minor patch or hot fix: When a minor patch or hot fix is implemented in software Z number will increment by 1. Details of such hot fix will be available in support ticket status table.

  • All support related correspondence will be done on registered email ID of user. Please, do not forget to give reference of your ticket number.
  • If you want to reopen any closed ticket, please file a new ticket and give reference of your old ticket.