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Italian Trulli

Lord Krishna

He is Yogeshwar (means lord of YOGA) and yoga is mother of all sciences. He has taught us how to work selflessly for the well being of all creatures in universe.

Italian Trulli

Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahans Dev

Who taught us how to move steadily and single minded towards noble goal without loosing patience.
We draw inspiration from his noble thoughts and teachings. Our all work is dedicated to his holy feet.

Italian Trulli

Ma Sarada Devi (Holy Mother)

Who taught us to see every human being a son or daughter of Holy Mother and serve them without discrimination.
We believe that she is mother of all creations in the universe. Our all developmental and innovative energy comes from her noble thoughts and presence.
We seek her blessings before starting any project and subsequently dedicate our every effort in her holy feet.


The above great persons are mentioned here not to promote any caste, cult, culture, country or religion but we have learnt few good qualities from them and quoted those here. Such holy souls do not belong to any particular caste, culture, country, region or religion, but they are most valuable assets of whole human kind.

The purpose of their inclusion on site is to show our reverence to them. We strongly believe that their presence on our site will not only bless us with new energy to serve our clients, but their blessings will also help our clients in their endeavor.