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Status Table of Support Tickets

Following table shows status of all filed support tickets in a chronological order. Please read description about table at the bottom of this page.

Ticket No.DateIssue TypeIssue DescriptionResolutionStatus
114-07-2019TechnicalI am not able to use get_randstate() and set_randsatate(no) on any process or object satisfactorily.Pl check next build.closed
217-07-2019Technicalstandard package/ library function randomize() is not working in the atssim. It has following syntax:
int randomize(list_of_vars) with {constraints}
fixed. Check in next buildclosed
319-08-2019TechnicalI am not able to set srandom() in a process using process::self.srandom(100)Open
Table above contains a chronological list of all issues filed by users related to atssim.
Please Note following points:
1. Users can filter/ search their tickets at the header of the table on ticket number etc.
2. If you have recently filed a ticket, which is not appearing in table then you need to wait till ticket is authenticated by our system after validation of user.
3. Following 3 values may appear in status field of your ticket:
Open: Investigation or fixing process is on for your problem at our end
On-Hold: We are waiting for some relevant inputs from user (User need to check their mail for details on inputs)
Closed: User's issue is resolved. User must look in resolution column of this ticket for details on resolution.
4. If resolution indicates that your issue is fixed in next release, then you will have to update your simulator package. Please see license FAQ section for how to update your simulator package.
5. Usually we upload updated version on site once a week or even more frequently if required.